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Spring 2013 and two humble guys hungry for success get together with two visionary investors. Kristo, Tuomo, Petteri and Moaffak share a vision of building the best online marketing optimization tool ever. With couple of prototypes on their hands, they get to work.

Now there are 19 thirsty employees and a product that is quickly becoming a global market leader. is developing a platform that makes online marketing easier and more effective. And there’s more to come. is going to take over other social media platforms as well as new market areas in just a matter of months. They seem to have a crystal clear vision for the future.

The speed of doing things almost got my head spinning as I went to find out who they are and what is like as an employer. What are you made of, I asked Kristo, Anssi and couple of Lauris. Here you go.

100 miles per hour and accelerating

Speed is one of the key things they really cherish at I am told that the record time for fixing a bug after customer reported it is currently 6 minutes. But this is even better: the record of adding a new feature after talking to a customer: 11 minutes! So from the moment the customer was wondering if there could be a feature like this, it took 11 minutes to get it done and going. How about that?

But can you really write quality code with this speed? If you ask, yes you can. There is state of the art automated testing and this dream team is constantly developing manners to further improve the quality aspect.

What comes to speed also applies to learning new things. At they believe that drive and willpower are far more important than the expertise you already have. It is the fierce ambition that keeps you learning and going for the top. Do we need to say more? Well, there is one more thing; the other Lauri I met is a Hello World Open winner from 2012.

Humble and fun is growing fast, getting recognition and one could think that this is all going to their heads. Well, it isn’t. They are extremely polite and nice. Furthermore, they have a pretty solid selection criterion in hiring the right attitude and fit to the culture. There are no compromises over the fit, no matter how skilled the candidate is. Kristo, the founder and CEO and the other Lauri, one of the developers have both worked in startups for years and spent a great deal of time in the Silicon Valley. They certainly seem to know how to keep their feet on the ground and head in the clouds at the same time.

Every week ends with the “developers’ and account managers’ time to show off” as they go through new customers and features accomplished during the week. Along with the speed and focus they also know how to have fun whilst conquering the world. Work doesn’t have to be dead serious and the customers appreciate the gut-busting approach too. Tatu, one of the account managers, for example made an unforgettable impression on one German customer by showing them the Smartly demo in his Lederhosen.

They’re all tech geeks at heart and they’re all about excellent customer service

One of the core values of is excellent customer service. To keep this core value alive and kicking half of the team are account managers with technical background. They are able to tweak the platform if necessary and speak the same [programming] language as the dev team.

What’s more, the dev team has a direct contact with the customers’ teams via Skype chat. It has been another brilliant way to induce the great customer service, exchange ideas and get authentic feedback. The customers work with’s platform on a daily basis so it makes a huge difference for them also to be able to talk to the developers.

A humble team of developers and account managers constantly learning, solving inspiring challenges fast with a modern tech stack focusing on excellent customer service and having fun while doing this all. That’s the feeling I get about who they are.

Got inspired? Fasten your seatbelt, tell them who you are and enjoy the ride!



Copy: Iida Mustonen, Emine Oy


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