Comptel – Agile product development with many good years of experience

Life is increasingly about digital moments and Comptel is on a mission to perfect them with their product development. Comptel’s principal clientele operates in the telecom industry. As you know, the whole industry is at a turning point as the world of telecommunications is changing rapidly. For Comptel this is a positive challenge to answer and you could be one of the heroes in this story.

Comptel is gathering up a new unit to develop their product FlowOne V. By joining the team you can be a part of something meaningful. The goal is to build a product suite in the field of telecom Digital Service Lifecycle Management systems, that will have a great impact on Comptel’s customers’ daily work. By developing this product suite you won’t be the superstar who created a cool app for thousands of consumers. You’ll be the professional who makes it easier for technical telecom specialists to succeed in their work.

The agile team will consist of professionals from all the fields of DevOps, testing, developing, UX and design. This challenge is ideal for you, if you are looking to take your next career step towards a deeper engagement in your own work. Do you want to work with a long lasting project as a part of a dedicated team and really see the results and the impact that you are making? If your answer is yes, keep on reading.

A fusion of agility and experience

Comptel is known for its reputation as a reliable and solid employer with a long history and many years of experience. At the same time there’s a hunger for growth and improvement and eagerness to find new ways of thinking and doing. If bringing in new ideas is your thing, this fusion enables you to create and test them in action in a secure environment alongside with experienced colleagues.

As the product suite is quite complex, the stack of technologies is rather thick. At Comptel you will have a great bunch of latest technologies in your toolbox. Wide spectrum of technologies also allows you to deepen or widen your expertise. And professional development is something everyone at Comptel values. If you are willing to take on more responsibility, you’ll surely get it.

Comptel is of course an agile house: on a team-level Scrum (or Kanban / Scrumban) is the way the magic happens.


Comptel - Agile product development with many good years of experience

Easy-going atmosphere and strong professional pride

In the core of Comptel are its values: respect, passion, unity and the mentality of making it happen. People at Comptel are ambitious about what they are doing. If you can relate to this, it’s the right place for you. The goal is to make things happen and be proud of the result.

The best thing about Comptel as a community is that everyone shows responsibility, professional pride and expert proficiency while the atmosphere in general is very easy-going, respecting and supportive. As the final product suite is rather complex the sense of community and team-spirit is even more essential. So if you are the type of person who tends to work solo, Comptel won’t be the right choice for you. But if you think interaction and co-operation are the ways to build a great product, you’ll probably enjoy the Comptel way of doing things.

For the Comptel community one of the most important values that R&D Manager, Petri and other managers mention, is sharing the knowledge. Teams take part in training sessions to gain further know-how. And it is more than welcome if you e.g. have looked into a new technology and want to share your findings and thoughts with your colleagues. This is how the whole team and company keeps developing and improving together.

The yearly arranged anti-seminar Nexterday North is a great example of Comptel’s motivation to grow, learn new and share information. People from different fields of expertise are invited to this event and the main goal is to network, share the latest news and learn about the hottest trends.

Inspiringly international

Comptel is a genuinely international company; it has over 820 employees in 30 locations, all over the world. English is the company language and not only on paper as your colleagues consist of a vast spectrum of nationalities. Comptel has also customers on all continents; more than 95 % of the clientele is international. So it’s not only the thick technology stack or taking steps upwards on the corporate ladder that gives you career possibilities at Comptel. Also the customer assignments can offer you opportunities e.g. to relocate in the offices from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow and from Hong Kong to Milan.


Sounds like an ideal working environment for you?

There are now a bunch of great reasons for an ambitious and globe-trotter-minded software professional to choose Comptel as an employer. And there couldn’t be a better time for you to step on board!

Do you feel like there is a match? Make your next career step count.

News flash! Comptel is now a part of Nokia! Nokia Software Finland’s career page will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Pictures: Comptel

Story: Siiri Laaksonen


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