Smartly.io – from the rookie point of view

Smartly.io has one recruitment criteria above all and that is a perfect fit into their company culture. They don’t just say so but also live by this principle. Smartly.io culture is made of constant learning, startup kind of speed of doing things, as well as humbleness and fun atmosphere.

So, for them it doesn’t matter if you don’t have several years of work experience; you can become an awesome developer under no time if you just have what it takes and motivation that drives you forward on your path of constant learning. And Tatu, one of the latest developers at Smartly.io, is a living proof of that. Tatu has just started his sixth week with these guys. Smartly.io is actually his first job after university. How did he end up here and how did Smartly.io have the guts to hire a total newbie? Let’s take a look behind Tatu’s job scenes!

Tatu didn’t know anyone from Smartly.io or anything about the company before the excursion he participated last fall. During the excursion he got excited about the tech challenges they were solving, and he became convinced that the guys at Smartly were a team of pros with a fun and lean twist in their way of doing things. Apparently the guys at Smartly.io also noticed Tatu’s enthusiasm and they got to talking about the possibility of a common future. Tatu got through the code homework they gave him as well as the on-site coding tasks. His avid, yet humble attitude, impressed Smartly.io developers and that was it – he got hired.

I asked Tatu to tell me about Smartly.io as an employer from the rookie point of view.

Tatu’s TOP 3:

#1 Chance to learn something new every day

Tatu had no idea about Facebook marketing before he started working here. Now he is solving tech challenges for online marketing professionals. It is just rewarding to develop a platform that really benefits other professionals at their every day work. You know the “Yes, I did it!” –feeling? Tatu says he gets that feeling every day all week long.

#2 In-house product development in a startup that already has a valid business

Tatu didn’t hesitate to apply for this startup job for two reasons. He knew Smartly.io already had a valid business and happy customers who also want to give their share to their platform development. He also knew this was a chance to be part of a company that is still young so there are endless possibilities for the future. There is no legacy code you have to fight with and you really see the results of your work immediately. Straightforward feedback from the customers makes it easy to focus on the things that really matter instead of guessing what the customers might like or consider useful.

#3 The crew

From day 1 Tatu felt he was part of the team. He understands that it is his responsibility to raise his hand if he needs support and when he does, the team is always ready to help. The team of developers all sit around the same table but he also appreciates Smartly.io’s tech savvy account managers who also know their code. They’re all enthusiastic about their work and it’s contagious!


Photos: Smartly.io

Copy: Iida Mustonen, Emine Oy


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